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Ponds can be beautiful and practical, but they can also be plagued by weeds that can take over and make them unsightly and unusable. The professionals at The Pond Doctor can help you have the healthy, enjoyable, and ecologically sustainable pond of your dreams.

We offer chemical-free pond cleaning and pond dredging in Louisiana. Pond cleaning and pond dredging removes excess vegetation and debris from the pond, thus improving water quality and allowing your fish stock to thrive. Pond plants native to Louisiana are an important part of your pond's ecosystem, providing food and shelter for aquatic life.

The right pond vegetation can help keep the soil in place and keep your pond water clear. However, pond plants, especially invasive weeds, can become problematic if their growth is unchecked. Invasive pond weeds such as water hyacinth, giant and common salvinia, water lettuce, hydrilla, and alligator weed, are non-native plants that can quickly take over a pond and displace native species. These non-native plants out-compete native plants, alter the habitat native fish depend upon, and reduce suitable habitat and food available for local waterfowl.
Regular pond cleaning will remove overgrown pond weeds and allow pond plants native to Louisiana to thrive, without taking over the whole pond. The professionals with The Pond Doctor use specialized equipment to efficiently, effectively, and safely clean your pond and remove excess pond weeds and debris.
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